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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Big tent (5.00 / 1) (#3)
    by JGillman on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 12:12:00 PM EST
    This is the problem that moderates have.

    Its all about the big tent. Its all about being inclusive no matter WHAT freakish ideals the prospective participants bring.

    The bottom line is that the party is already there, but they are withholding the vote for lack of a comprehensive and unwavering foundation within the party.

    How can the party support small government, yet elect the type who will pay off friends in business as is done with bail outs, and MEDC type mechanisms?  How can one be anti abortion, or Pro-freedom and in good conscience NOT fight socialized medicine in ANY FORM?  How can a Republican support welfare and claim to be pro family?

    The point is, that the party is all over the place right now, and outliers gave the certified nominee a great big F-U.

    On this site, we warned the leadership of the GOP as it was happening.

    They paid no attention, and one noted player who vacillates based on his personal outside interests was expunged.

    You have much to learn.  You are involved, but if you follow the examples of the Lennox philosophy or those who preach that to be OK, you must be a member of the GOP 'club', then you will always be fighting those who act on principle over party.


    In my educated estimation . . . (none / 0) (#6)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 05:24:43 PM EST
    . . . perhaps 5% to 9% of Ron Paul supporters were so hardcore that they wouldn't have voted for a ticket that didn't have Paul on it.  The rest would have probably been willing to work for the ticket, if it hadn't been for the way that the RNC, the Romney campaign, and the leadership of several state parties treated REP supporters . . . in public and on the record.

    As I mentioned in the article, it wasn't just the Ron Paul campaign that was treated shabbily.  Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich were also all on the receiving end of the shaft at some point or another during the primary process.  To what degree that caused their supporters to take a protest action (either sitting out at least the POTUS part of the election, or voting "other than republican" at that point on the ballot) we're probably never going to know for sure.

    I agree with Jason.  The "big tent" meme is for those who've forgotten what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.  The point can easily be argued that had more candidates actually campaigned on the party's platform, we might have had a few more wins in "up for grabs" seats (presidency included).  As Reagan once observed, the Republican Party does its best job of "expanding its tent" when it articulates its principles boldly, plainly, and unambiguously to every strata of society and across all demographic lines.


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