Whitmer: do less campaigning, more governing

Whitmer: do less campaigning, more governing

Over the last several weeks, Michigan families have suffered greatly due to Governor Whitmer’s coronavirus restrictions; while most can agree that social distancing guidelines, along with habitual handwashing are necessary, it’s also the opinion of many that prohibiting things like boating, selling gardening materials, and landscaping is not of the essence to mitigate the virus – there are so many activities that could be safely performed, that are prohibited by this order. The question I ask you, Governor Whitmer, is: why close down businesses if they can stay operational with little to no increase in infection spread?

While some mitigation strategies should be employed, shutting down our economy should not be an action that is ever relished – I feel that is, unfortunately, the case for our Governor. It appears that she is wallowing in the constant media appearances. Will our Governor do what’s right and quit trying to obfuscate her end goal? Will she confess the campaign for Vice President instead of camouflaging it with “doing her job”?

Rather than taking part in the solution and enlisting pragmatism, she has chosen to critique our President on television, subsequently then, applying for FEMA funds which should have been done immediately, a concerning, and shameful mistake for the administration. In addition to this the Governor, for a period, threatened the licenses of Doctors who prescribed what may be a lifesaving drug to combat the coronavirus. Shouldn’t the Governor follow her own advice, and listen to the medical professionals?

Fortunately, the GOP controlled legislature is provided the ability to check the Governor’s emergency powers after 28 days, however, much to their dismay, there is no ability for the legislature to attach contingencies to the extension of power. The Administration has argued that any alteration of the emergency declaration creates a windmill effect on the deadline – this, of course, is an egregious suggestion that would curtail any ability for a balance of power from what many would consider a rising dictatorship in the executive branch of our state government.

Only time will tell the grave impacts of this power grab, until then, the best we can do deny any further extensions of emergency powers.

Justin Kasieta is an Upper Peninsula native and prominent political figure. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Copper Country Republican Party and an advocate for conservative policies.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    April 14, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Well said, young man. My guess is, with the assist that the Republican majority in the House and Senate gave with providing extended power to this unqualified and unhinged governor on her full-throated mission to crash the economy for a Democrat Vote by Mail agenda, that when it is all said and done, they have used a flu bug to blow a $2 - $4 Billon dollar hole in the coming state budget.

    The only social distancing any normal thinking American should do is with anyone who identifies themselves as a Democrat.

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    • Jason
      April 14, 2020 at 10:23 am

      I am thinking the long term damage may be done. We can hope it's only 2-4 Billion. More likely it will be closer to 6-7 Billion as we are in the expansion time of the year.

      A lot of projects that start in Spring are off, and that carries through the rest of the green season.

      We best start with a NO NEW TAXES theme. Nip that shit in the bud.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        April 14, 2020 at 10:34 am

        You may indeed be right on the snowball effect that undoubtedly could carry on for years in this heavily based Hospitality and Tourist industry economy parts of the state. I was trying to be optimistic with what our President Trump is doing this week to get our Great Nation back on its feet even as the Democrats are waging war against that.

        "Hopefully even ahead of schedule" - GO TRUMP!

        Democrats and their propaganda arm Fakestream news media are evil.


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      • KG One
        April 14, 2020 at 10:59 am

        Unfortunately, the damage will very likely be much higher.

        In my corner of the state, local annual/bi-annual events are being cancelled left and right.

        Selfridge Air Show...cancelled.

        Fish Fly Festival...cancelled.

        Sand Castle Festival...cancelled.

        I've been told that list might grow. The organizers for other events are taking a wait-and-see approach before making any firm commitments.

        Those are all events which help to boost the local respective economies. Which is something that is sorely needed when this ends (or more likely people will say "enough already" and unilaterally end it on their own, Gov. Witless be damned).

        Then, you have to figure in the cost of restarting Michigan's economy. A professional politician like Gov. Witless never had to make payroll, so she is woefully ignorant here.

        Shuttered businesses will either need to purchase supplies, or purge old supplies before purchasing new ones.

        Equipment that sat idle for several weeks will need to be brought back online. Then you have to recall staff, or hire new if they got too attached to UI (if they were able to get through). Maintenance/repair costs will also most likely become a factor.

        And this is just a quick list.

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        • Corinthian Scales
          April 14, 2020 at 11:26 am

          This 👇

          "Then, you have to figure in the cost of restarting Michigan's economy. A professional politician like Gov. Witless never had to make payroll, so she is woefully ignorant here."

          Yup. That's precisely why I wrote, "This I do know, with what’s going one right now, there is not one other person alive that I want in the Oval Office…"

          Gov. Gretchen "Half" Whitmer may *think* she will be calling the shots with how and when 'open for business' begins, however, it will happen under federal guideline mandate.

          Thank God that Donald J. Trump is the Man in the Oval Office.

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