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Just like our Founding Lawyers intended…


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No Dummy, It’s Not a “Michigan” Problem

Those of us with wells and septic fields who are not within those corrupt systems and their deadbeats have no responsibility to pay one cent into their problem. None.

If Chad had a brain I suspect he’d take it out and play with it. Regurgitating AP propaganda is not “news”.

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Eesh, Talk About Desperation…

Read: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/joe-biden-possible-2016-presidential-race-promises-one-term-121359.html


Can you believe that? Team D is down to pushing “one term” of the Great White Dope with hair plugs because their relic vajayjay with cankles has Kalamazoo born, Moonslime Brotherhood troubles.

Folks, ignorance is their strength.

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