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Cruz Against The Machine

I have to agree, this story is pretty bad ass.

It’s always the bold, fearless ones that reignite the flame of Conservatism. Don’t forget folks, we already have our Dream Team waiting for us to deploy them into action.

H/t to Mr. Pinko at iOwnTheWorld.com

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The Moment that Struck Fear into Progressives

There you go, Liberty coalition folks. Find us that ^ to vote for governor, and you’ll have a vastly engaged electorate. Otherwise, throw fate to the wind on a Washington D.C. embracing, big government solutions, crony capitalist, tax hiking Nerd.

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DNR Strategy & Land Grab Update

After Event Report - MUCC Hosted Event In Acme, Michigan February 17, 2014

DNR-trust-fundLast night’s Agenda 21 party (oops, I mean Land Trust Town Hall) showed Rep. Wayne Schmidt as the pro-government, anti private property progressive he is. Sitting on a panel hosted by MUCC, surrounded by reps from the Land Conservancy, MEDC, and League of ‘Conservation’ (NOT conservative) Voters; he pressed this audience for support of his bill (HB 5210) to remove the cap on State owned land in the Northern Lower and UP.

Apparently, 5 million acres of State owned land is NOT enough.

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