Speaker Race Tops Today

An opportunity to STOP the Obama agenda - Will we get it?

FireBoehnerMost the regulars here would love nothing more that to see a second round of voting for the US House Speaker’s race.

Its something that has not apparently happened since 1923, and would be a significant blow to the Obama agenda. Will Boehner hang on to the necessary number of votes?  Will the 29 needed defections in the Republican caucus happen?

We can only pray that it does.  Two more years of blindly allowing the president to use the constitution as his personal wet wipe is not what this country needs.  Blindly allowing the expansion of the the Obama Bureaucracy is hardly a way to return this nation to its former glory.  And running up the debt on our children, their children, and a few more generations to follow, is bad government plain and simple.

We urge our Michigan Republican delegation to consider the consequences of letting the WORST PRESIDENT EVER continue to rot this country through emperor’s decree.

Remind them  (numbers below the fold) THIS MORNING!

District # — Name — Phone

1 Benishek, Dan 202-225-4735

2 Huizenga, Bill 202-225-4401

3 Amash, Justin *** 202-225-3831

(Amash previously voted against Boehner for Speaker. He also voted against the CRomnibus bill)

4 Moolenaar, John 202-225-3561

6 Upton, Fred 202-225-3761

7 Walberg, Tim 202-225-6276

8 Bishop, Mike 202-225-4872

10 Miller, Candice 202-225-2106

11 Trott, Dave 202-225-8171

You Betcha! (12)Nuh Uh.(1)

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