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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Numbers (none / 0) (#22)
    by jgillmanjr on Fri Sep 10, 2010 at 12:46:24 PM EST
    53,097.68 KWh based on $14,000 month and roughly cost per KWh at twice my residential rate as described originally

    That equates to approx 1,769KWh/day (30 days) avg, which indicates an average rate of use at 73.75KW

    Soo... claimed  output of this system based on covering 20% of energy requirements comes out to 14.75KW (1/5th of the 73.75KW consumption figure)

    This, of course, is 7.4~8.4% of your estimate of 175-200KW output for the system. It becomes 5.6% if we go off the 262KW number.

    This makes thing look even more shady.

    So another question I would have anyways: How do they average 53KWh of energy usage a month, even in the summer? My largest this summer was 1114KWh with the AC blasting all the time just to keep things somewhat comfortable. That's 47.6x the energy consumption for a township hall? Are they running a damn data-center in there?

    Someone should FOIA the numbers so I can run them.

    Because one of these must be true:

    1. He (the township manager) is wrong about energy consumption of $14,000/month

    2. Their energy costs are a hell of a lot higher than I'm taking into account (which as a reminder is double my rate of approx. $0.1318325/KWh)

    3. He is wrong about how much this system actually contributes (it's not quite 20%).

    4. I am correct in my original assessment.

    Also, as for solar panels, what's the efficiency nowdays? 20%?

    Going on an estimate of 1.4KW/m^2 of solar energy at the surface (that's just a quick estimate based on what I could get from a few clicks around google), actual production is roughly 0.280KW/m^2, and that would be for direct sunlight. Cloud things up and it would be less.

    Each of the panels, from the photo, I estimate to be maybe 3m*1.5m based on a turbine length of 30ft (rounding to 10m). Roughly comes out to 4.5m^2, maybe a bit more due to me rounding down, but going on even say 5m^2, you're only gonna get 1.4KW/panel. Multiplied by 5 panels and yeah, you're gonna get 7KW in nice direct sunlight. Call it 8 hours of that and you'll get 56KWh.

    I'm still not seeing the numbers adding up, and then whats teh cost of the solar panels.

    Actually, I'd like Chris Kobus to check my math and see if I botched things up if he reads this.


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