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Dr. Lawrence Gerard Nassar’s molestation of young girls dates back to the 1990’s and at least 14 of his victims reported him to various figures of authority at MSU over the intervening years. In 2014, one of those authority figures finally took a Nassar victim seriously enough to report him to MSU’s Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. OIII was the MSU bureaucracy then responsible for investigating Title IX discrimination complaints. That accuser also reported the incident to MSU’s police department two months later.

The MSU Title IX investigation was a whitewash. The author of the report, Kristine M. Moore (currently MSU’s Assistant General Counsel) went so far as to issue two reports – a more truthful one to Nassar and another, abbreviated version to the victim. At some point in 2014, recently departed MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon was informed of the circumstances and did little or nothing. Nassar continued to molest his female patients; at least 12 more before he was finally arrested.

Some time in 2015, MSU’s campus police department finally made a criminal referral to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. Stuart Dunning III’s office did nothing, perhaps because he was just too preoccupied with his much beloved prostitutes. And his subordinates were perhaps too busy covering for his wretched behavior. In March 2016, the Ingham County Sheriff arrested Dunning and his lawyer brother for pandering. Dunning plead out and resigned from office.

Ingham County Circuit Court judges selected Gretchen Whitmer, a current Democratic candidate for Michigan Governor, to serve out the remainder of Dunning’s term. Whitmer averred that Dunning’s distractions did not affect any ICPO case and immediately signaled her virtue by establishing a new domestic violence unit within the ICPO. You are allowed to be skeptical.

MSU Campus Police Chief Jim Dunlap returned to the new, interim Ingham County Prosecutor – Ms. Whitmer – with his department’s referral of the Nassar molestation incidents. He got blown off by Whitmer and her chief assistant, Lisa McCormick. Dunlap was convinced that Whitmer’s office was not interested in pursuing the molestation charges because they were “much more difficult to take to trial” than the kiddie porn charges then being developed by the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan.

Whitmer and McCormick were entirely content to allow Nassar to be prosecuted for kiddie porn by the Feds, but both now claim they did not file molestation charges against Nassar because of ‘jurisdictional issues’.

Dunlap stalked off and contacted Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office that same evening. He wanted Nassar fully charged for all his offenses. AG Schuette had no qualms about going after Nassar. At the time, there were only 5 or 6 molestation complaints against Nassar, all of which arose from MSU. The Eaton County Twistar cases were developed after Schuette took over the prosecution. There were no ‘jurisdictional issues’ when Whitmer blew off Dunlap.

The rest is history. But is it the entire history?

The key player behind the 2014 MSU Title IX investigation whitewash of Nassar was his superior at MSU: Dr. William D. Strampel, the Dean of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2002 until December of last year. He must have vouched for Dr. Nassar’s ‘methods’, allowing Kristine Moore to officially conclude that Nassar’s molestations were “not of a sexual nature” in both versions of her Title IX report. Despite this deceit, Strampel dictated special protocols for Dr. Nassar’s future treatments. Of course, he had no intention of following up on those protocols.  Moore made it clear in her undisclosed version that Nassar’s ‘methods’ would open up MSU to liability.  All three knew what was going on: Moore, Strampel, and of course Nassar.

Strampel suddenly resigned from his position as Dean of the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine in December 2017 as the Nassar case exploded across national headlines.  At the same time, he took medical leave from his faculty position at MSU COM – however he remains on the MSU COM faculty. The new Interim President of MSU, John Engler, just took the first step to revoke Strampel’s faculty tenure for “not act[ing] with the level of professionalism we expect from individuals who hold senior leadership positions”. An obvious reference to Strampel’s protection of Nassar during the 2014 Title IX investigation.

We know much less about Strampel’s involvement with Whitmer’s 2016 failure to charge Nassar, but scrutiny here is sorely needed. Strampel has been a major donor to Democratic candidates in the Lansing area:

Strampel Campaign Contributions Page 1
Strampel Campaign Contributions Page 2
Strampel Campaign Contributions Page 3

About $ 10,700 in direct contributions to Democratic candidates since 2000 and another $ 1,765 to a Truscott Rossman managed MSU PAC.. He has been especially generous to Gretchen Whitmer, donating $ 3,650 to her campaigns since 2003. $ 3,300 of that in 2017 to Ms. Whitmer’s current gubernatorial campaign. Deep gratitude or quid pro quo?

Strampel made only two itemized contributions, totaling $ 450, to Republicans. $ 200 to Battle Creek’s John ‘RINO Joe’ Schwartz back in 2002 and $ 250 to the House Republican Campaign Committee in 2011. His political sympathies and connections are pretty evident from his lopsided contribution history.  These contribution numbers are big enough to convince any reasonable observer that Strampel was well connected to the Lansing Democratic establishment, and Gretchen Whitmer in particular. Note here that Whitmer has not disavowed Strampel or his contributions.

Strampel would have had Whitmer’s ear in 2016 when she was deciding what to do with the major embarrassment working in his college. An embarrassment he covered up in 2014. Strampel might even have gotten to Whitmer before Chief Dunlap. Strampel probably thought that hanging Nassar on the kiddie porn charge exclusively in 2016 would satisfy the public and avoid undue scrutiny of his baleful role in the 2014 Title IX investigation.

VKP(b): We Will Raise A Loyal Generation Of Communists!

Strampel is the very exemplar of the clowns turning our universities into delusional Marxist indoctrination camps. During the same period Strampel was contributing heavily to the Lansing Democratic establishment, he was a key player in a Stalinist faculty purge at MSU called ‘Advancing Diversity through the Alignment of Policies and Practices’ (ADAPP). ADAPP was “a sweeping effort to align [MSU’s] values of diversity and quality with academic human resource policies and practices at the department- (or unit-) level.” In plain text, a Stalinist purge of the few remaining conservative MSU faculty.

ADAPP was funded by a $ 4 million Institutional Transformation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE Program in 2008. It was so successful that it was institutionalized by MSU in 2014. No more Federal money needed. Somehow, ADAPP failed to align MSU’s values with fundamental human morality in the Nassar case.

Nassar himself does not appear to have had any particular political bent, or made any political contributions. He didn’t need to. He was protected from above. MSU knows this. They are furiously 404ing Strampel’s online history. There is no more fitting end to a Stalinist’s career.

Justice here needs to go well beyond Nassar.

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Did we just dodge another huge bullet here? http://rightmi.com/did-we-just-dodge-another-huge-bullet-here/ http://rightmi.com/did-we-just-dodge-another-huge-bullet-here/#comments Thu, 08 Feb 2018 18:36:04 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15583 ]]> While I don’t agree with Oakland County Exec. L. Brooks Patterson on some things (okay…most things), kind of like a stopped clock, he finally got something right for a change.

According to The Detroit News, during his annual address to Oakland County last night, County Exec. Patterson came out whole-heartedly and unequivocally against the RTA Tax v 2.0.


Why should ANYONE be made to pay for something that they will not use?

No, the ballot proposal hasn’t officially been announced for the ‘18 General yet. My snitches tell me that they are still working out on how to best polish this heaping, steaming pile of bull droppings, without much success.

Good luck on that.

Citing the lack of hard facts from what those pulling the levers behind the scenes will actually do with the monies collected, much like one of the laundry-list of problems with the last proposal, County Exec. Patterson said this,

“… I can’t do it. I won’t do it,” he said to a standing ovation. “And I will never, ever betray the public trust I respect and represent.”

I should stress that County Exec. Patterson received a standing ovation from those in attendance during that particular portion of his speech.

This isn’t something that you get when, according to RTA tax supporters, people overwhelming support your plan.

Pay us so that we can placate the mass transit snowflakes by driving around town empty.

This should (hopefully, anyway), have some affect here in Macomb, where Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel is also having some serious difficulty signing off on this.

And did I mention that the roads here in Southeastern Michigan look like the 107th used them for light target practice?

Fixing them takes money, too.

I’m not going to add anything more at this time due to the fact that my considerable folder on these con-artists just got a little bit bigger, and I’d like to keep my powder dry…just in case.

I will be adding more when this story unfolds.

Stay tuned.

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That Time Again http://rightmi.com/that-time-again/ http://rightmi.com/that-time-again/#respond Tue, 06 Feb 2018 13:57:34 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15574 ]]> Small Business Owners get to beg off of paying the license fee for their business tools to the state.

Because the legislature has never been able to properly address crappy PPT rules, and the underlying cause (overbig government).

Michigan is one of VERY FEW remaining states that will otherwise continue to assess your ink pens, mouse pad, sticky notes, and desk top knockerballs.  Here is a link to your hall pass, your permission slip; your way to avoid paying taxes again and again on equipment and office furnishings up to a value of $80k.  It is due on the 20th.

Two weeks.

You’re welcome.

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What Is Going On Here? http://rightmi.com/what-is-going-on-here/ http://rightmi.com/what-is-going-on-here/#comments Mon, 05 Feb 2018 01:00:05 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15561 ]]> Governor Snyder is attempting to resuscitate his reputation by benevolently raising your taxes.

Our ace Governor is not going quietly into the night as his governorship slides into the twilight zone. He launched two tax proposals last week which he touted as environmental initiatives. Neither raises enough funds to even remotely achieve his stated environmental objectives, unless the taxes he proposed skyrocket in the future. Both proposals are actually designed to expand our hopelessly inept (and periodically corrupt) bureaucracy. The environmental angle is just eyewash to sell higher taxes to the gullible. And those tax rates he proposes will skyrocket – bet on it.

First up is an increase in the current landfill tipping tax from $ 0.36 per ton to $ 4.75 per ton. Snyder claims this tax increase will raise $ 79 million for recycling programs. It won’t. The incremental revenue will be something less than $ 70.7 million, because 769,000 tons of solid waste from other states with lower tipping taxes will no longer be land filled in Michigan (pdf). Michigan landfills will suffer a 4.5% volume drop, which will be consequential. They will either curtail operations (read: lay off workers), cut workers’ wages or raises, and/or adjust tipping fees. Local units of government, which also collect revenue from their landfills, will suffer revenue losses as well. Environmentalists will applaud, but the trash is just being diverted to different land fills. There is no environmental benefit to playing musical chairs with garbage.

Governor Snyder implies in his press release that his proposed tipping tax increase will diminish Michigan’s solid waste imports from his Canadian buddies; the ones who are building his bridge. It won’t. Ontario landfill tipping fees start at $ 75 CAD per metric ton ($ 55 USD per short ton). Comparable Michigan landfill tipping fees are in the low $ 30 USD range. Snyder would have to raise the Michigan tipping tax by $ 25 USD, not the $ 4.39 he proposes, to materially reduce Canadian solid waste exports to Michigan. Keep in mind that the Canadians will ignore their transportation costs; they need to feed tolls to that fancy new bridge as cross border truck traffic otherwise declines.  Our Canadian neighbors didn’t pay for the Gordie Howe Bridge out of the goodness of their hearts.  It was cheaper politically than opening land fills.

A tipping tax which would actually impact Canadian trash exports would wipe out Michigan land fills and their workers. And all of our solid waste would be exported to other states, making Michigan many new friends across the Midwest. Yet tipping tax proponents will imply that the tipping tax increase will curtail Canadian trash exports to Michigan.

It won’t.

Even if the Governor was to go whole hog with his tipping tax rate, his Canadian buddies would beat him like a red headed step child. Canadian politicians have no qualms about ruthlessly raising taxes on their prostrate subjects, and would simply jack up their tipping taxes until they achieve their desired end. They would also stop accepting Michigan’s hazardous and toxic waste. Michigan’s manufacturing industry would collapse within weeks. Michigan exports most of its nastiest waste to Canada, the unspoken counterpoise for Michigan accepting a lot of Canada’s solid waste. No, Governor Snyder won’t pick a dumpster fight with his Canadian buddies.  We are stuck receiving Canadian trash unless and until President Trump kills off NAFTA.

Governor Snyder’s proposed landfill tax revenues will be spent through a variety of state grants, including:

Remediate and Redevelop Existing and Future Contaminated Sites ($45 million)
Clean up 300 sites annually, across all 83 counties
Address emerging contaminants (PFAS, vapor intrusion)

Solid Waste Management ($9 million)
Enhance solid waste planning for local governments.

Recycling Grants to triple Michigan’s Recycling Rate ($15 million)
Provide recycling grants to local entities for recycling infrastructure, market development and education

Water Quality Monitoring Grants ($5 million)
Monitor beaches to keep them clean.
Reduce phosphorus in Lake Erie.
Remove contamination in rivers, lakes and streams.

State Park Infrastructure ($5 million)
Address critical infrastructure needs to serve the parks system’s 27 million visitors annually.

Since when has any ‘contaminated site’ been cleaned up for $ 150,000? Just the preliminary legal and planning processes for cleaning up ‘contaminated sites’ run into the millions. Solid waste planning for local governments? Wasn’t that what Rizzo got convicted for in Macomb County? The other three goals also overwhelm the funds raised by the landfill tipping tax increase. And doesn’t the MNRTF cover state park infrastructure? It probably would if it wasn’t being poured into urban renewal projects well beyond the intent of the MNRTF.

Municipal recycling just died across the United States because the Chinese have stopped accepting this ill disguised garbage.  Fifteen million in new money annually won’t revive it, but it will generously fund pointless discussion groups and conferences among politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests.

Next up is the Governor’s proposed plan to implement an ‘affordable assessment’ on public water utilities. Starts out at $ 1 per year, per customer of every public water utility with more than 1,000 customers. Increments $ 1 per year annually until the assessment reaches $ 5 per year, per customer. But you don’t really think it will be capped at $ 5 per year, do you? Or that the increment will be held to $ 1 per year? We are talking a virgin territory for State taxation here, although local units of government have been milking water for revenue for over 40 years.

From our government’s perspective, water taxes in Michigan are the next best thing to property taxesFailure to pay them creates a lien on your real property, leading to foreclosure.

Exhibit 1 is the Detroit storm water fee which started at a reasonable $ 5 per acre, per month in 1980 and is now an unconstitutional monster in excess of $ 750 per acre, per month. The late U.S. District Court Judge John Feikens thought this storm water fee would be used to reduce DW&SD environmental violations. Idiot. It funded corruption and promoted blight across the City of Detroit. Most commercial properties in Detroit pay more in storm water fees than property taxes these days.  All those MCL 123.162 liens laid waste to Detroit’s commercial real estate stock.  Detroit’s desolation wasn’t some random misfortune; it was carefully crafted by the very best government minds of the Milliken era.

Governor Snyder’s ‘affordable assessment’ is also going to be handed out annually as grants. From the Governor’s press release:

State Capital Investment Program ($75 million)
Provide grants for local infrastructure improvements (such as lead service line replacement)
Provide low-interest and forgivable loans for other local capital improvements

Emergency Infrastructure Failure Fund ($10 million)
Provide grants for communities and systems in financial need with emerging water or sewer failures.

Integrated Asset Management ($25 million)
Fund asset management plans for drinking water wastewater and storm water systems
Support local data collection, materials inventory, and training needs

All commendable goals, but…..  Say a water utility needs to do something that is grant eligible under the Governor’s plan. Wouldn’t it be far more efficient for them to just raise their own water rates, rather than cycling the money through Lansing and then back?  Indeed, but short circuiting the Governor’s process wouldn’t drive government spending (and employment, and contracting) ever higher. Nor would it create sinecures for grant writers and grant approvers, the foot soldiers of a modern government bureaucracy.  ‘Spend it or lose it’ pots of grant money also trigger a lot of government spending at the end of a budget cycle, but without much to show for it. Inefficiency writ large.

The Governor’s water tax will also allow water utilities to redirect the money they currently spend for the very same grant eligible purposes to underfunded pensions and OPEBs (and in some locales, graft la Kilpatrick, Ferguson, and Marrocco). The Michigan Lottery scam reiterated. Wages, pensions, and benefits will increase until the grant money is fully consumed. Contractors will enjoy less scrutiny under ‘spend it or lose it’ rules. But few tangible incremental environmental improvements will occur.

Grant making is a wonderful way to grow government, but it isn’t very effective or efficient in achieving objectives. It creates new levels of government – the administrative state. The pay and benefits those bureaucrats draw are overhead which is skimmed right off the top of every government activity they supposedly promote. Less bang for the buck. But it does evade the Headlee Amendments’ requirement that local units of government have to ask voters for permission to raise taxes, at least until the state government hits its revenue limits.  Local units of government much prefer to avoid Headlee votes when embarking on white elephant projects.  But grants spent on the very same dubious projects are portrayed as free money in prominent press releases chock full of photos of smiling politicians.

Governor Snyder is attempting to resuscitate his reputation by benevolently raising your taxes. The Flint water fiasco is the preeminent event of the Snyder governorship. It killed his Presidential aspirations and left him with the third lowest approval rating among all U.S. Governors. The second sentence of every history covering the Snyder era in Michigan will introduce the reader to the Flint water fiasco. This has to weigh heavily on his mind. It wasn’t the rosy outcome he expected from his grand entrance into politics.

The problem here is that the Governor cannot reinvent history, no matter how much he raises our taxes.

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Well golly, look what made the Friday news dump? http://rightmi.com/well-golly-look-what-made-the-friday-news-dump/ http://rightmi.com/well-golly-look-what-made-the-friday-news-dump/#respond Fri, 02 Feb 2018 18:44:42 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15552 ]]> For your reading enjoyment.

Backup copy here.

Now, I can’t wait for the longer version to come out (this was just a synopsis).

Submitted without any further comment.

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Religious Liberty http://rightmi.com/religious-liberty/ http://rightmi.com/religious-liberty/#comments Fri, 02 Feb 2018 14:58:47 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15549 ]]> The Trump administration appears to be advancing certain freedoms quite reliably.

Thanks to the Trump admin, the baby killers are getting nervous.

Apparently Planned parenthood folks are so far gone in their willingness to snuff out human life, they would deny practicing physicians the ability to conscientiously object.  Objecting to new HHS rules PP is going into conniptions:

“Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is encouraging their supporters to tell the Department of Health Human Services (HHS) that a proposed rule to strengthen conscience protections for healthcare providers is “dangerous” and “encourages discrimination.” The rule requires health care providers to notify their employees of protections against religious discrimination on job applications and employee manuals. The rule also allows the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to enforce protections for religious medical providers.”


‘Choice’ apparently has a different meaning to the child hunters.  Until government is used to directly control our lives (sans the personal choice of fetal sepaku), the leftist monsters won’t be happy.

Its a good sign of personal conscience protections from a government realigning itself with the constitution.  Other health care fields might also benefit from such positive efforts. I wonder if this could be re-litigated?





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January 2018 Michigan State Senate Fundraising http://rightmi.com/january-2018-michigan-state-senate-fundraising/ http://rightmi.com/january-2018-michigan-state-senate-fundraising/#respond Thu, 01 Feb 2018 08:22:53 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15547 ]]> January 31 was the deadline for campaign finance reports for Michigan legislature.  Some races are already well-developed, while in others, candidates have only recently declared or have yet to declare.  Here are summaries of the total amount raised in Michigan state senate districts.  Totals include state house committees for state representatives. Cash on hand is in parentheses when significantly less than the total raised.

3. (D) Santana 91K Woronchak 2K
6. (D) Kosowski 69K Geiss 16K
7. (R) Cox 95K
8. (R) Lucido 130K
9. (D) Lane 101K Wojno 8K
10. (D) Yanez 66K
11. (D) Moss 23K (5K)
12. (R) Tedder 73K (36K)
13. (R) Knollenberg 143K (54K)
14. (R) Johnson 35K (21K)
15. (R) Runestad 190K (151K) Crawford 46K (18K)
16. (R) Shirkey 123K
17. (R) Zorn 143K (83K)
18. (D) Irwin 66K Zemke 22K
19. (R) Callton 242K (115K) Bizon 211K
20. (R) O’Brien 213K (147K) McCann 30K
21. (R) Pscholka 65K
22. (R) Theis 80K (51K)
24. (R) Barrett 61K Roberts 25K (7K) (D) Rossman-McKinney 180K (150K)
25. (R) Lauwers 47K
26. (R) Genetski 192K Nesbitt 74K
28. (R) MacGregor 181K (83K)
29. (R) Afendoulis 220K (D) Brinks 139K
30. (R) Garcia 172K Haveman 32K Victory 77K
31. (R) Glenn 115K Daley 61K (D) Luczak 9K
32. (R) Horn 186K (109K)
33. (R) Outman 14K
34. (R) Bumstead 137K (76K) Hughes 806K (300K)
35. (R) Franz 27K Rendon 57K (21K)
36. (R) Stamas 233K (109K)
37. (R) Schmidt 265K (60K)
38. (R) McBroom 27K (11K) (D) Dianda 100K (80K)

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Meet the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players.” http://rightmi.com/meet-the-not-ready-for-prime-time-players/ http://rightmi.com/meet-the-not-ready-for-prime-time-players/#comments Tue, 30 Jan 2018 22:49:58 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15527 ]]> Meet the Not Ready for Prime Time Players.

…featuring, Gretchen Whitmer, Shri Thanedar, Abdul El-Sayed…


We’re you expecting the likes of Laraine Newman, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Garrett Morris or Chevy Chase.

Okay, I’ll give you that second lot wouldn’t been much more funnier.

Even though that quaint concept of “Rule of Law” comes into play here (with that whole proposing legislation and eventually signing it into law thing), it’s not as if that first group can’t provide us with some laughs as well.

{The hilarity ensues after the fold}

So after nearly eight years of lamenting about Republican Control up in Lansing, the 2018 starting lineup is beginning to take shape Bill Cobbs, Gretchen Whitmer, Shri Thanedar and Abdul El-Sayed.

On the surface, this group is pretty much interchangeable, especially with their stand on the issues.

But aside from that and the “-d” after their names, all similarities end.

First off you have local businessman Bill Cobbs, of whom most people wouldn’t recognize if he were sitting next to you at American Coney Island.

Then you have career politician Gretchen Whitmer, whom not only sat on her duff when a certain pedophile was having his way with little girls up at MSU, but is fighting off opposition from Solidarity House who want her out of the race, toot sweet.

Nah! I wasn’t scared of Whitmer.

Next is Shri Thanedar, political noob who while likeable, still has AN AWFUL LONG WAY TO GO learning the ropes in Lansing (Exhibit “A” go to 13:34 in this clip…sorry but I cannot cue this one up).

And rounding out the list there is former Detroit Health Department Exec. Abdul El-Sayed.

This is the one who should be on everyone’s radar.

No, I won’t delve into the whole Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law supporting, Soros’ protégé thing, or his large number of financial supporters from outside of the State of Michigan. Other people have done that one to death already. Plus I’d rather stick to something a little more relatable to most Michigan Voters.


His campaign is standard democrat language…if democrats were 100% open about where they stand on things (which to be honest, I can at least respect that much in him): Free stuff for everyone!!!

Free healthcare. Free school. “Free” internet. “Living” (yet economically unsustainable) Wage. Conferring “You’re special” statue to the LGBTIQ-crowd.

Santa Claus is comin’ to town!

If this sound vaguely familiar, it should, he is an unabashed proponent of Bernie Sanders’ platform and makes no bones about it. As a matter of fact, the remnants of Sanders’ political machine are glomming onto his campaign.

He is a polished and charismatic speaker that might remind everyone of another Muslim who broke onto the political scene not that long ago.

Things were humming along quite nicely for an August showdown for the Team “d” crown.

That is, until The Bridge magazine broke a story that has been making the rounds behind the scenes for sometime now: El-Sayed in Constitutionally ineligible to run for Michigan Governor because of his residency.

Short version, while attending Columbia in ‘12, El-Sayed registered to vote in NY. He changed his Driver’s License over to NY in ‘13.

The requirements for Michigan Governor according the Michigan Constitution Article V § 22:

“To be eligible for the office of governor or lieutenant governor a person must have attained the age of 30 years, and have been a registered elector in this state for four years next preceding his election.”

El-Sayed came back to Michigan in ‘15 to work for the City of Detroit.

Now, to be fair, this isn’t really a problem for him (yet).

But it will be, if on or before April 24th (page 3), he declares that he is legally eligible to run for Michigan Governor.

If he does, then release the kraken, release the lawyers, because it will be a cake walk for them to remove him from the field, clearing the way for a Whitmer coronation and another civil war within the Michigan Democratic Party.

Much like when the Democratic Party establishment tirelessly worked behind the scenes to dump Bernie Sanders from the ticket.

And we all know how well that turned out for Team “d”.

Stay tuned.

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Where is everyone??? http://rightmi.com/where-is-everyone/ http://rightmi.com/where-is-everyone/#comments Thu, 25 Jan 2018 01:03:03 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15515 ]]> We're ready to hear from the audience...all five of you.

After catching up on yesterday’s goings on up in Lansing, I just needed to share this (laugh) with everyone.

It’s yesterday’s “Michigan Democratic Party response to the 2018 SOTS”.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to torture everyone, the clip is already cued up to the best part of the entire speech.

Notice anything missing?

Submitted w/o any further comment.



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The Wages of Sin http://rightmi.com/the-wages-of-sin/ http://rightmi.com/the-wages-of-sin/#comments Wed, 24 Jan 2018 20:30:09 +0000 http://rightmi.com/?p=15509 ]]> Pucker Up Michigan Taxpayers, Larry Nassar Will Cost You More Than $ 180 Million

Some 144 155 victims of MSU Sports Medicine doctor Lawrence Gerard Nassar are making victim impact statements at his sentencing hearing in the Ingham County Circuit Court. From the tenor of their coverage, our depraved media are – for once – siding with the victims of crime rather than the criminals. Kiddie diddling is probably the last moral taboo acknowledged across our entire society.

What our media has not mentioned is the cost of Dr. Nassar’s crimes and who is going to pay for them. MSU is now facing over 140 civil lawsuits, along with the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, and Dr. Nassar. Just one such suit has been settled, by USA Gymnastics, reportedly for upwards of $ 1.25 million. Its particulars are concealed from the public by a Non Disclosure Agreement, a legal device made famous by Harvey Weinstein’s defense lawyers. The plaintiff in the settled suit, McKayla Maroney, still has a lawsuit pending against the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University and Dr. Nassar. Dr. Nassar is the only defendant who will not pay much. His few remaining assets after paying off his lawyers will almost certainly be shielded when his wife divorces him.

MSU has set aside $ 10 million to counsel women and girls who say Larry Nassar abused them. This ‘Healing Assistance Fund’ will be available to “MSU health clinic patients and student-athletes whom Nassar abused, as well as the parents of these victims” according to MSU. The sanctimonious leftists who run MSU have the utter gall to still be billing some of Dr. Nassar’s victims for their ‘treatment’, but that is not what this fund is for.  This fund is actually intended as a legal settlement fund

This fund is ridiculously inadequate. MSU management must think that USOC and USAG will bear the brunt of the Nassar settlements, or their hot shot lawyer Patrick Fitzgerald’s sovereign immunity defense will work.  MSU has not one, but two, high dollar white shoe law firms lined up to attack Dr. Nassar’s victims.  They won’t succeed. Dr. Nassar was an MSU employee. USOC and USAG made referrals to Dr. Nassar, but MSU was his employer and should have been providing proper supervision.  They didn’t.

Each of those lawsuits against MSU will settle out for $ 1 million or more. McKayla Maroney’s first settlement sets the standard. And the antics of MSU’s Board members should provide the plaintiffs with healthy increments in their final settlements.  Those white shoe lawyers need to have a talk with their idiot clients.

Who is going to pay?
MSU’s endowment fund rocketed up to $ 3 billion during the period of Dr. Nassar’s depredations, telling you exactly where MSU’s management focus was – and where it was not. But it is quite unlikely that MSU will pay off Dr. Nassar’s victims from the endowment. Much of the endowment is earmarked and the remainder, well we are talking academic finance and politics here. The alumni who have contributed to the MSU endowment will not be pleased if their donations are used to pay off the victims. No bronze plaques with donor names on them will proudly grace the Nassar settlements.

MSU’s General Fund budget is around $ 1,362 million, so the Nassar lawsuit settlements will cost them around 15% of a year’s budget. The settlements are not going to be paid out of the MSU General Fund. Socialism is not just the core philosophy of university politics, it is also their ironclad economic doctrine.

No, MSU will boost tuition and hit up the Legislature. Michigan State University’s annual tuition for undergrads was $14,062 per year for in-state residents in 2016, more than double the national average public four year tuition of $6,841. Given that demographics are now reducing the college age population, MSU will come to the Legislature hat in hand. MSU students are now so tapped out that the university has organized a food bank to prevent student starvation.

Corruption and incompetence have become the paradigm of Michigan government institutions. Collapsing sewer interceptors, towing and garbage contract bribery, school embezzlement, no bid home demolition contracts, and concealed p. Legionella outbreaks are daily staples in the Michigan news. Somehow Governor Snyder neglected these core values of government employees in Michigan during his last State of the State address. But he certainly did mention a boost in education funding and deftly prepared our State for the tax increases to come.

You were being warmed up for the coming $ 180 million hit.  Pucker up.

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