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Michigan’s Fictitious Budget Surplus, Our Roads, What to do with a so-called $1.3 Billion Surplus?

Lawmakers at Work Pothole MoneyThe projected multi-year $1.3 billion dollar surplus will give lawmakers something to ponder. While the governor has proposed yet again taxing the citizenry, us common folks for the $1.2 Billion he says are needed for our roads.

The legislature, bless the hearts was so kind in allocating a paltry $215 Million out of this $1.3 Billion so-called budget surplus (Taxpayer Money) to repair the potholes that quit frankly are beyond repair. So I guess that is to tide over the problem till after the elections so they can pass a gas tax and vehicle registration fee increase without immediate election year repercussions!

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Minimum wage hikes may please crowds, but they kill jobs

As Michigan’s economic comeback gains steam and the dismal decade of staggering job losses becomes just a bitter memory, along comes a group of people with good intentions – but terrible ideas – who would take Michigan backward. A coalition called Raise Michigan is launching a legislative initiative petition drive to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour. It’s a crowd-pleasing proposal for sure. The trouble is that it’s also a job-killing one.

Now let’s stipulate that academic research on the subject of how minimum wage increases effect employment levels are rather equivocal. It’s surprising that a subject that’s received this much attention has research findings that are so unclear. But let’s put that aside, because there’s actually little that studying minimum wage increases in the 70s, 80s and 90s can tell us. We’re simply in a different time.

Never has it been easier or more cost effective to substitute automation and self-service for employees. We see it all around us.

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The Looting Continues Unabated

While All Is Not About ONE MAN, This Example Of Pay For Play Is Clear

pure-somethingThere is an explanation I have always used for my sincerest dislike of the MEDC, its mission, and how it takes advantage of the taxpayer for political payoff.

“If a business owner finds it necessary to take taxpayer dollars to start, maintain, or expand their enterprise, then that business model is already in trouble.  If there is no NEED for the money to survive, then it is simply a matter of theft.”

Its hard to be any clearer than that.

Any politico who uses the term “Jobs created” when discussing the MEDC grants, is trying to justify the stealing that must happen first, and is central to the MEDC program. In the history of subsidizing business, one would think that the predictions of ‘job growth’ with accomplished results would speak for itself.  In fact,  one might think such mechanisms insofar as they are touted, would make the news at least once a month if not weekly as a raging human interest success worthy of celebration.

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Cruz Against The Machine

I have to agree, this story is pretty bad ass.

It’s always the bold, fearless ones that reignite the flame of Conservatism. Don’t forget folks, we already have our Dream Team waiting for us to deploy them into action.

H/t to Mr. Pinko at iOwnTheWorld.com

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The Way “The Game Is Played”

What an interesting morning I had on a ‘day off’ from my normal routine of looking for something constructive to do with my day. While distributing Kris Anne Hall workshop flyers and soliciting donations for the D1 fundraiser, I stopped at a friend’s home and the coffee cup discussion immediately became local and State politics. The bane of the discussion was a phrase I have become increasingly disgusted with…”the way the ‘GAME’ is played”…Like it or not, to WIN…we have to PLAY!!!

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Rhetoric and Scatology

Allegedly setting the record straight, Melanie Foster continues to blow smoke

Those who know the basics about me are aware that I’m a native of Iosco County, specifically western Oscoda Township. Due to the nature of life in rural Northeast Michigan, I’ve also spent some time in and around various other parts of northern Iosco and southern Alcona Counties. Farms are a fact of life up there, and seeing, not to mention smelling, cows and/or horses is fairly common. I know what manure is primarily because I spent so much time stepping in it while attempting to impress the first girl I had a romantic interest in (long story, and it didn’t work out anyway).

It would appear to me that a certain education board candidate, who happens to have an agriculture background, is also quite familiar with manure. I say this because she’s been slinging it around quite a bit of late, most recently in a damage control effort that can only be described as a spin job.

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Only a few days left to register for the Michigan Statewide Grassroots PowWow!

We have great speakers coming from across the country and Michigan who will be speaking on issues happening in our state and nation! There will also be targeted breakout sessions and over 30 sponsor tables!

Tickets are only $25 and include the optional Friday evening social, the Saturday conference, lunch, refreshments, and breakouts.  Click here for the PDF flyer with hyperlinks to the speakers.  Register here at Eventbrite!  This event is going to be incredible and I can’t wait to see you there!


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This Is How They Are Born

Frank Foster Explains How Concern Over Common Core Is Just Silly.

Tea folk in the 107th district should know that Frank Foster no longer needs you.

He pretty much has said as much.  To him, you are searching for something that will make you “relevant.” (his words) That is your goal now since the ACA is the ‘law of the land’ and all.  And since you have lost THAT battle, common core is the way you want to flex your political muscle.

Oh, and he expects to be speaker of the house next legislative session.

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When Rulers Play, and the Rights They Slay

Are Michigan courts so easily compromised?

harry-martinI want to put a finer point on recent activities seen in the judicial system of the banana republic of Michigan.

While observing the actions of Asst AG Harry Martin just prior to him throwing in the State’s towel on the Mark Baker case, the untrained eye easily recognized the disdain being heaped upon a private citizen in a courtroom.

But there was considerably more on display, and I’d like to point it out to you.

All attorneys are required to live and work in accordance with a Code of Ethics. The Code is written, very specific, and well-known to all who have passed the bar exam, and to many who did not. At no time is an attorney allowed to address another attorney’s client without the express permission of the clients attorney, and it must also be in the presence of the client’s attorney so the client is protected.

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Friday Film Fest – 104th District State Representative Forum/Debate

Karen and RobApologies for the video and sound quality, but the decision to do the video was somewhat last minute.

On Monday, two of the GOP contenders for the 104th State Rep District; Rob Hentschel and Karen Renny, introduced themselves and answered some questions in a bit of a debate format. There were two others, Larry Inman, and Jamie Callahan who were otherwise too busy or occupied to attend this important first stage in the Northern Michigan race.

The debate was facilitated by the Traverse Bay Area Republican Women’s Club at the Park Place hotel in Traverse City.

Have a great weekend! The Video is below.

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