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So Much for Wooing the Moonslime Vote…

Looks like Slick Rick is going to don bigger pandering knee pads, soon. Probably should’ve followed his convention friend’s lead when dense enough to hug a cactus.

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If RINOs Fought Democrats as Hard as They Fight TEA Folk

Yessirree. They’ve been content being the minority Party at the table ever since the big spenders under Bush, gave up both chambers to Reid, and Pelosi, in November, 2006.

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Just Another *Transparent* Day in Nerdville

That’s right, folks! “It really was a clerical error and a computer error” because as we property owners know that all assessor offices could really give a rat’s ass about collecting taxes, right?


…and, the Snyder Swamp continues to grow.

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Study: 40% of Michigan Families Can’t Cover Basic Survival Expenses

Huge Decline in Wages for Michigan’s Working Families

Pay Falls for Low-Wage Men yet Women Still Far Behind,” found that real wages of Michigan workers have fallen by more than ten percent since 1979 for broad sections of the working class.

Hourly pay for low-wage workers of “prime working age” in Michigan fell 13.4 percent between 1979-2013, while pay for mid-wage workers of prime age fell 12.7 percent.

The collapse of wages in Michigan also illustrates president Obama’s and Governor Snyder’s “insourcing” policies, which involves pushing for lower corporate taxes and lower living standards and wages for workers in order to make American cities “attractive” for business. Snyder Obama Meet

Speaking at a Milwaukee factory in 2012, Obama celebrated the results of his and Snyder’s “bailout” policies in Michigan as a model for the rest of the country: What’s happening in Detroit can happen in other cities.

Declining work rates, stagnant wages, the rise of female-headed families, inferior education, and the arrival of millions of “immigrants” with poor education and low skills are little engines pushing up the poverty rate.

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Move Over Kate Upton

Michigan’s biggest pair of boobs.


From palling around with Jimmy Carter at his moonslime love fest to Elliot-Larsen, and the Minimum Wage hike… this November, with the lone exception being Ruth Johnson – I’ll be taking a vacation, not a vote.

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Bridgewalk Timelapse

Labor Day 2012 from the office of Michigan's department of propaganda.

Because it gave me an opportunity to point out something notable.

The MDOT appears to be better at producing video than it is in maintaining our road infrastructure.

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